1 1⁄2" Aluminum Door Rails 

Over 27 powder coat colors for exact match to most rollformers metal siding.

No minimum order to buy - job pack all of your color coordinated doors at one low price, or stock your most popular colors for even greater savings!

Quick lead time, 5-10 business days in weekly route truck delivery zones.

Call for availablility and pricing on custom colors


1600 Series Frame

All 1600 Series rail profiles are available in in all even foot lengths from 8' - 16'


1600AV Vertical Side Rail.jpg

1600AV Vertical Side Rail 


1600HV Vertical H-Rail.jpg

1600HV Vertical H-Rail 


1600WB Horizontal Bottom Rail.jpg

1600WB Horizontal Bottom Rail

(use with TRG Bottom Guide) 


2200 Series Frame

All 2200 Series rail profiles are available in all even foot lengths from 8' - 20' 

2200 Vertical Side Rail.jpg

2200 Vertical Side Rail 


2216 Vertical H-Rail.jpg

2216 Vertical H-Rail 

2201 Horizontal Bottom Rail.jpg

2201 Horizontal Bottom Rail 

2244 Horizontal Bottom Rail.jpg

2244 Horizontal Bottom Rail

(use with TBSG Bottom Guide) 


Bottom Door Guides

TRG Bottom guide with brackets..jpg

TRG Bottom guide with brackets.

Available in 5' and 10' sections.

(use with 1600WB Bottom Rail) 

TBSG bottom guide .jpg

TBSG bottom guide with brackets & door stop.

Available in 6', 8', 10', 12', 14', & 16' sections.

(use with 2244, 3394 or 4494 Bottom Rail)