4400 series super Rail 

3 1⁄2" Aluminum Door Rail

Thicker sidewalls than 3300 series for increased strength and durability

Over 35 powder coat color options for an exact match to most rollformers metal siding

MWI Components will job pack all of your color coordinated doors at one low price, or stock your most popular colors for even greater savings

2 week lead time on current powder coat options

Contact for availablility and pricing on custom colors


4491 Vertical Side Rail 


4496 Vertical H-Rail.jpg

4496 Vertical H-Rail 


4494 Horizontal Bottom Rail 

(use with TBSG Bottom Guide) 

4494 12%22 Bottom Rail Sti ener.jpg

4494 12" Bottom Rail Stiffener 

Provides reinforcement of 4494 bottom rail to center door guide/stop on split sliding doors.