Leland Master One Steppers

The Leland screw available to use for fastening substrate panels that require thermal expansion capabilities


Revolutionary design, self drills expansion hole, automatically centers screw in expansion hole, sealing washer allows installed panels to float in a ONE STEP operation.

  • Provides an expansion relief that allows for thermal expansion of paneling products after fastening.

  • Eliminates pre-drilling larger expansion pilot holes.

  • Automatically centers screw in self-drilled expansion hole and unique shank design guarantees centered washer and seal.

  • Provides ONE STEP fastening for FRP, Laminated (Wood/OSB) to FRP, and Fluted Poly Backed Laminated FRP Materials.

  • Perfect fastener for skylight and FRP Ridge Cap Panel fastening.

  • Allows ONE STEP fastening for all PVC/FRP liner products.

  • Completely reusable. Damaged panels can be replaced with original ONE STEPPERS.

  • Available in 1/4" Hex Washer head and Pancake head Quadrex Drive.

  • Sealing washers provide a cushioned expansion.

  • Fastens substrate thicknesses from .030 and thicker.

  • Diameter/Pitch: #12 (11)

  • Length: 1-5/8", 2-1/4"

  • Washer OD: 12mm / 1/2"

  • Material: Carbon Steel and 304 (HT3) Stainless Steel

  • Substrate Thickness: .030/.060, .060/.250, .250/.375, .375/.500

  • Head Types: 1/4" Hex washer head, pancake head Quadrex drive

  • Colors: Available painted to match panel