Marlon CS Ridge Cap

Marlon CS Ridge Cap is produced with a 24" wide girth, which provides natural illumination at the peak of any building. With Marlon CS longlife polycarbonate, you can get effective co-extruded UV protection, good optical clarity, high light transmission and exceptional impact resistance.

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General Properties

Sheet Weight 0.5 lb/ft
Light Transmission

DIN 5036       LT (%)
Clear (5)        88%


Width             24"
Length           126"
Thickness     0.05"

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Marlon CS Longlife Ridge Cap brochure

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Service Temperature
The material's mechanical performance is known to remain stable in prolonged service in temperatures ranging from -4░F to +212░F.
MWI recommends fastening the ridge cap with "one-steppers". This unique fastener automatically oversizes the hole in the polycarbonate, which allows for thermal expansion. Holes must be more than 2" away from the end of the sheet. Fasteners must be applied so that the washer sits evenly on the sheet: they must not be overtightened as this will prevent thermal movement. The polycarbonate ride cap is 10'6" to allow for 6" end lap
Fire Performance
The fire performance of Marlon CS Longlife has been independently tested and the following classification obtained:
- ASTM D635-98 NO BURN
An important feature of Marlon CS Longlife is that its softening point is below 390░ F. When a fire in a building is underneath a Marlon CS Longlife sheet it will soften and allow smoke, heat and gases produced by the fire to escape. This 'venting' property means that damage within the building can be reduced.

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