Soffit & Trim Systems
Combined F/J soffit trim. "J" receives metal siding - the painted surface is exposed so you never see primer.

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"F" receives soffit panel or ceiling liner panel. 16" coverage pre-painted steel or aluminum soffit panels (vented or solid).
Precut soffit available in nominal 12" or 24" lengths.


  • All pre-painted steel construction
  • Precut lengths (12" to 24" standard)
  • Center vented or solid panels
  • 12" panel provides 7.5 sq. inches of free area per foot
  • 24" panel provides 15 sq. inches of free area per foot


  • The combined F/J trim is available in two sizes to receive either the soffit panel or a ceiling liner panel

  • 3/8" J trim available to trim angles and corners

  • 3/8" F trim available for residential or wood siding

For additional Soffit & Trim Systems diagrams: click here


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