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Customer Service Manager

A Bit About Me

Born and raised in central Iowa, moved out at 17, started my own business generating insurance leads out of my house and fabricating stained glass lamps as a side hustle. Grew bored of the area that I was in and moved to the closest lakes region, Okoboji. Applied at MWI Components but did not get the job. However, 5 minutes after taking another position, I received a call back from MWI. They decided to expand the customer service team and hire me after all! I decided, instead, to accept this position as MWI Customer Service Representative, and within 2 years I was promoted to Customer Service Manager, an Executive Staff level position.


Outside of work, I still have my side hustle working on commissioned stained glass projects. I've also recently decided to expand my skill set, and learn the art of silversmithing and lapidary arts, which has been challenging and gratifying. I have a 7 year old son who is the center of my universe. We love to read, learn, create and live our lives to the fullest together; growing, evolving and being our best selves. 

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