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Check out Ethan Bowen's playing card. Learn about his years in the industry, some interesting personal facts about him and his superpowers. You can also find out who his greatest ally is and his kryptonite under the powers tab!

Independent Sales Representative

A Bit About Me

From Jackson, Tennessee born, not raised. 

Moving around extensively for most of my high school days. 

Livin' in places like the South, Southwest and upper mid-west New England when the territory of North East was lookin' pretty good.

Started makin' me wonder if it should be my new neighborhood. 🤔


I got into sales and as it turns out, I love the details along with each and every route 🤷‍♂️

I ain't brand new, and yes, it's very true

I played this game for more than one decade, but don't even start to throw shade my way,

Cuz you should know I ain't about to quit this thing, since they all see me as the sales king. 👑


This is just a bit about me, see I could go all day?

But unfortunately this tune must end some day.

But before you get too sad, I'll just add,

I cook a mean lasagna dish, and I LOVE to off-shore fish. ✌

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