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Human Resources Manager

A Bit About Me

My roots are in the Iowa family farm life. I was born and raised in Spencer, Iowa, and I spent my childhood earning my keep on our family farm. After growing up doing early morning chores (actually, it felt like chores all day), bailing hay, walking beans, picking rock, etc, etc, etc, I said goodbye to Northwest Iowa.

I left Spencer for a while to stretch my wings and get a taste of life. I am a graduate of the University of Iowa (Go Hawkeyes, the only team I really watch!), with a BA in Business and an emphasis in HR. My post college career started at Target, as an Executive Team Lead. The 6 years I was with Target taught me that the road less traveled can be rewarding, I can work a 15-hour day on the Friday after Thanksgiving (Black Friday) and survive, and that I have an innate ability to relate to people. One retail career led me to the next, and I found myself working for a women's clothing store, Maurices. I started as a Store Manager and was promoted to a HR Manger. After 6 years with Maurices, I bid farewell to the retail career and joined the post frame industry, my current home, at MWI. My career with MWI has given me experiences in Purchasing, a Customer Service, and most recently in HR, where I currently hold the title of HR Manager.


Little did I know that 11 years after leaving Spencer, I would find my way back, marry my high school sweetheart, raise two boys that are obsessed with farming, and feel I am exactly where I am supposed to be in life. 

I hope you are able to embrace your passion(s) in life, as well! 

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