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Minor Details: Minor Impact

What Makes an Award-Winning Building?

Have you ever flipped through your favorite post-frame magazine and come across award-winning buildings? All the time, right? So what makes these buildings, "award winners"? What makes one pole barn better than another? And what can you do to make your building an award winner? Below we'll dive into the BIGGEST influencer on award-winning buildings - the details.

Gorgeous building with tall Arcadian Sliding Doors from MWI

1. Careful Design Planning: Have a Game Plan

When you read about these award-winning buildings, you'll begin to notice a trend. The word design will be used several times - as it should be! When you build, ALWAYS have a game plan. Your blueprint might change as the project progresses, but having a solid design plan is basic, post-frame knowledge.

Pole Barn with cupola and weathervane

2. Gable Roofs: The Classic Creation

There's no question about it; gable roofs are truly timeless. After exploring different award winners, I discovered just how popular gable details are right now. In five Buckeye Frame Builders Association, "Building of the Year Awards," the judge used the term, "gable," four times. Keep these details in mind when you're planning your next post-frame design. Who knows, it might even lead to an award.

Building with MWI dutch doors and gable roof

3. Color: Endless Combinations

Not every color combination is a winner. This detail is one every builder needs to pay extra-special attention to. Unlike some other details, this design choice will cover the entire building. Be sure to use contrasting colors in your favor, and avoid misusing contrasting colors. Pairing a red with a simple white will make your red less intense - not to mention, it'll make the white pop. Break up your bright colors with a darker accent when necessary so as to not overwhelm the eyes. While contrasting is important, sometimes it pays to use subtle complementary colors. Dark, warm colors often compliment one another, but be sure you're using enough contrast to help accent your building's features. While color is often out of a builder's control, making well-thought-out, color-combination suggestions might lead to an award-winning, color-coded, show stopping building.

Pole Barn with bright red color

4. Doors: All Shapes & Sizes

Doors are a difficult detail to overlook. It's no secret; large, eye-catching, Arcadian sliding doors can easily become the focal point of any post-frame structure. But sliding doors are not the only option; explore Dutch, bale or French doors to get the taste and style that matches not only your building but your personality, too!

Pole Barn with MWI Arcadian Sliding Doors and MWI cupolas

5. Cupolas: The Icing on the Cake

To be 100% honest, the icing has always been my favorite part of the cake. And builders seem to agree: the cupola is the best icing around! For those who find the icing too sweet, allow me to rephrase: who wouldn't want that cherry on top to make their building a show-stopper?! MWI offers standard 24-inch, 36-inch and 48-inch cupolas. But if you're like me and LOVE the icing or you need the biggest cherry on top, ask us about our 66-inch cupola. Your building is sure to turn heads with these gorgeous toppers! So what're you waiting for? If you haven't already, start using these minor details to make your next building a MAJOR success.

Building with MWI weathervanes


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