football stadium

7 Unique Uses for Poly

By: Shannon Clark, MWI Components


1. Stadiums

It's no surprise stadiums - sports or otherwise - are a major user of polycarbonate skylight. Utilizing poly along the top or overhang of a stadium provides a pleasing finish from both the seats and the sky. This also gives fans an escape from the blistering sun without forcing owners to enclose their domes. This cost-saving technique will keep fans from burning and stadium owners' wallets from bursting into flames. 

Stadium with Polycarbonate Skylight

2. Architecture 

Poly is not just a fan favorite for sports; this product is taking the architecture world by storm. Because polycarbonate skylight is 200 times stronger than glass, this commodity is perfect for structures with the "translucent look."

Architecture with Polycarbonate Skylight

3. Greenhouses, Farm Buildings, etc.

Greenhouses are probably the first structure people think of when they picture poly. Because poly has excellent light transmission, it's perfect for growing. Polycarbonate skylight also performs well in extreme temps and is damage/impact resistant. Barns, farm buildings, cattle sheds, poultry barns and even chicken houses are noticing the benefits of utilizing this product, as well. With natural lighting and durability, poly is a no-brainer.

Greenehouse with Polycarbonate Skylight

4. Natural Lighting

Energy saving, elegant and cost efficient - it's no surprise builders are putting in polycarbonate skylights. With their long-lasting UV protection and free, natural light, these skylights are ideal for anyone looking to upgrade to tasteful ceilings.