Vented closure strip

  • 3 standard profiles (see table):

    • Ag Panel 9" oc

    • R-Panel 12" oc ​

    • 1-16 Standing Seam

  • Double glue strip 


  • 1.5 lb. closed cell crosslink polyethylene

  • 1.8 lb. (minimum) reticulated polyester vent material with UV stabilizers and FR additives

  • C3 hot melt glue strips

  • Net free area (NFA) of vent material; 15.2 sq. in./lineal ft. of ridge

  • NFA of 3/4 high rib Ultra-X closure; 11.4 sq. in./lineal ft. of ridge

  • Airflow: 867 cfm./sq. ft. average (720 cfm./sq. ft. minimum)

  • All components meet FMVSS No. 302 (Flammability of Interior Materials) flammability requirements

  • Additional test/specs available upon request

Adequate roof ventilation and uniform airflow are critical for the proper maintenance and longevity of metal roofs. Ultra-X breathable closure strips are engineered to mold around and completely seal against the panel profile. The form-fit removes any leak path into the ridge area due to a poor fitting closure, thus eliminating wind-driven rain problems. 


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