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At MWI Components (Metal Works, Inc), we strive to provide specialized metal products for customers in the post-frame building industry. We pride ourselves on delivering quality, cost-competitive products coupled with the shortest lead-time and best customer service in the industry. We are a one-stop shop located in Spencer, IA that manufactures and distributes a wide variety of products. Our customer base reaches all 50 states and Canada. Larger volume customers receive weekly deliveries via our own truck routes to several states (see MWI Freight Zones).

Since our original founding in 1985, we have upheld our values and made building on the job-site easier. 13 years after being founded, Metal Works, Inc. added a marketing/distribution division to the company—known as MWI Components. Then, in late 2006, MWI purchased the slide door track and hardware division of Lawrence Hardware. This enabled MWI to offer a complete selection of American-made round and square track, hardware essentials, and slide frame. Finally, in 2013, the separate companies of Metal Works, Inc. and MWI Components merged to form what we now recognize as MWI Components. Our products are found in the construction of metal-clad post frame buildings, equestrian complexes, garages, storage buildings, commercial buildings, steel frame and residential buildings.


Our product lines include: Arcadian Sliding Doors, Bale Doors, Box Girts, Cupolas, Door Rail, Dutch Doors, Foil Insulation, Hardware & Accessories, Horse Stalls, Polycarbonate & PVC, Ridg-Vents®, Round and Square Track, Soffit & Trim Systems, the Ultra-X, Uni-Seal®, Uni-Vent®, and Weathervanes. We would like to thank our MWI enthusiasts for their support as we continue producing quality products to assist builders and bring post-frame visions to life. 





MWI Components is focused on customer overall satisfaction from order entry to delivery and everywhere in between. Excellence in this area is difficult to achieve since it requires consistency and detailed focus, but it is one of the surest ways to differentiate our self from the competitor.


MWI Components embraces lean principles and process management to ensure we can produce cost competitive products made right here in the United States of America. We are focused on continuous improvement to ensure we provide the most reasonably priced product to our customers.


MWI Components understands that servicing our customers with the shortest possible lead-time is critical to our overall success. Therefore, we control our own manufacturing with a published seven-day lead-time (14 day lead-time on powder coated products) and ship a majority of our product on weekly truck routes hauled by a vetted Iowa trucking company. 


The post frame industry demands quality products that meets or exceeds the demands of the products intended use. As a result, we believe every employee should have adequate training, tools, and the empowerment to stop production in cases of questionable quality. All quality issues are brought timely to the attention of the Staff and all applicable operators through the Quality Alert process.

Building with Cupolas




Read the MWI history & discover our values.

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Metal Works, Inc. is born

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Relocated from a dirt-floor, metal shed to its 1st official manufacturing facility

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