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Combatting Supply Chain Issues: MWI's Perspective & Resources

Where Oh Where... Are All the Products?

It’s no secret that supply chain issues are overwhelming. From manufacturers looking for material to builders attempting to purchase the necessary building components, we’re all a bit taken back by the severity of the situation. However, understanding lead times, ready-to-ship products, back orders and extended lead times can aid in the planning process.

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MWI Components: Made-to-Order VS Ready-to-Ship

At MWI Components, we pride ourselves on providing quality, built-to-order products with favorable lead-times. Because a large portion of MWI Components’ products are manufactured in Spencer, IA, maintaining steady lead-times is essential. We are proud to have kept a majority of these products to our pre-pandemic, standard lead-times. All of our lead times can be found here. While most of our components are built-to-order, we do stock several products. Some of our ready-to-ship goods include: Uni-Vent® II, Uni-Vent® III, Uni-Vent® Pro Series, Uni-Seal®, Ultra-X, Labor Saver, weathervanes and polycarbonate. We also stock a few SKUs of Infinity Shield® (foil insulation) and track, as well as select hardware.

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MWI's Uni-Vent® III

Material Requisition

As a manufacturer, a challenge we have faced is order volume versus raw material. Despite the hurtle, we have been able to effectively manage the situation. Ensuring customer order cut-off dates are met and lead times are kept steady has allowed our purchasing team to have a comprehensive understanding of demand. With this knowledge, they are able to make plans for material requisition. Drop-in orders disrupt the production flow and planning period for purchasing, so the better you plan, the better we can plan for you!


Inventory Optimization Strategy

Because supply chain issues will continue to persist, identifying a fitting inventory optimization strategy for your business will be crucial. There is a fine line between having enough and having too much inventory. Recognizing both the advantages and disadvantages can help you make an educated plan for your company. Compare for yourself using our guide, “Inventory Comparison: To Stock or Not to Stock” below or click here (Guide 10).

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Logistics and the World of Hiring

Another constraint to the supply chain is logistics. Vessel or container delays, driver and trailer shortages, coupled with congested ports and railways will continue to leave companies in the lurch. And, of course, there is the human factor. Labor shortages are largely impacting our supply chain from material suppliers to construction professionals and everyone in-between. If you are looking for a fresh take on the hiring dilemma, check out the MWI article, “Hiring Quality Employees in the Post Frame Industry/Trades” here.

Despite the supply chain obstacles, MWI will continue to do our best to keep lead times steady, hold off on extended lead times when possible and serve our customers to the best of our ability.


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